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  1. Summary and reviews of The Precipice by Paul Doiron
  2. Elia Wilkinson Peattie
  3. The Precipice: a novel by Paul Doiron.
  4. ISBN 13: 9781250063694

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Summary and reviews of The Precipice by Paul Doiron

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  5. This is why Raisky comes out so foggy. One character, that of Mark Volokhov, has undergone considerable evolution. Initially, according to the author, "this figure was never supposed to fit into the novel's major scheme, being part of a background, in shadows," a mere "introductory face, serving for Vera's character fuller realization. Among rough drafts of The Precipice there was Volokhov's short 'biography' which showed him to be initially a "domestic kind of a nihilist," struggling in vain to realize his life potential to the full, then evolving into a kind of ideologist preaching "new truth", materialism and atheism.

    Elia Wilkinson Peattie

    Goncharov admitted later that Volokhov proved to be a challenging character and in the long run, a stumbling block, hindering the whole process. The author himself conceded later that "the Volokhov character came like a piece of two-part cloth, one half belonging to pres, another coming from the modern times when 'new people' started to emerge.

    Goncharov considered The Precipice to be his best work, in which he managed to realize his artistic ambition to the full. The novel, upon its release, received mixed response.

    The Precipice: a novel by Paul Doiron.

    At the time of the sharp division in the Russian cultural elite, critics came to assume the novel each according to their own current political stand. The Russian Messenger , a conservative magazine, not just praised the way Goncharov allegedly "poeticized the old times" but saw this as the novel's major asset.

    Critics close to the democratic camp among them Nikolai Shelgunov and Maria Tsebrikova published negative reviews. Having scrutinized Volokhov's character, he came to the conclusion that this type of person in no way could be seen as a Russian free-thinking man's role model.

    ISBN 13: 9781250063694

    Vexed by the fact that it was the 'domestic nihilist' type to whom Goncharov had attributed this status of a 'doctrine-holder', the critic saw this as a sign of the novel's tendentiousness and accused its author for "a penchant for abstract humanism. Despite all this, The Precipice enjoyed great success. Goncharov remembered: "Stasyulevich related to me, how, every first day of a month, people would queue at the Vestnik Evropy ' s doors as if it were bakers' - those were couriers, eager to grab copies for their subscribers.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Precipice English translation title page. Goncharov in 6 volumes. Ogonyok Library. Pravda Publishers. Moscow, Commentaries, pp.

    The Precipice by Ben Bova--Audiobook Excerpt

    Commentaries by S. Mashinsky, pp. Biobibliographical dictionary. Prosveshchenye Publishers,