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Table of contents
  1. See a Problem?
  2. Interview with Young Adult Author Kailin Gow: 'Rise of the Fire Tamer'
  3. Confessions of an Aca-Fan
  4. Howling Giant Archives - The Obelisk

He falls to galley slave and rises to champion charioteer within Jerusalem during the life of Jesus Christ, while the actors struggle along through the piece as rivalries form and offstage romances interfere…. Waking in the bridal suite on his wedding day, Bill finds a strange girl in his bed.

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With a post stag-night hangover he has no idea who she is or how she got there. As he panics to get her dressed and out of the way, his bride arrives trapping the girl in the bathroom…. I ate them with ketchup… and they were good. You can see a play every day in every theatre. But you can see anti-play only from time to time and only in certain theatres.

It is up to you if you want to immerse into the absurd and have some fun…. Everyone has a soundtrack to their life — from the songs that get you up on the dance floor to the ones that get you singing in your car, the songs that get you through hard times and the songs you think you know all the words to…. When two ex-government peons decide their next mildly illegal venture is selling bins that supposedly turn plastic into compost, they discover that Amersham has a sordid underbelly — one which does not like to be tickled….

These talented highly skilled improvisers are enjoying their fourth year at the Fringe. If there was a spirit of the Fringe, this group is it…. What do you want to see? A marriage or a funeral? An abandoned spaceship or a creepy dungeon? A murder or a resurrection? In Choose Your Own. With their astonishing singing vocals, Brenda and Bernie attempt to perform the worlds greatest tribute to the divas show.

What could possibly go wrong? Bosom Buddies have been performing all over the UK for five years…. This is a show about letting others and experiences steal your identity and what to do to get it back. As told by Sharon Stacy Statue.

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They have been dreaming of this since they were young and now the day has finally come. Man and woman meet, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Maggie Taylor has the ideal life as an ageing dominatrix. Her life runs like clockwork, business is booming and she relies on no one. But when purple-suited Death pops by to summon her to the afterlife, she has to persuade Death that once again, she holds the whip hand….

French-born Marianne has spent most of her adult life in the UK. No Knowing has never been performed outside Scarborough — where it premiered to acclaim in …. David Harmer and Ray Globe recently turned The irrepressible Glummer Twins are back to celebrate the joys, absurdities and indignities of getting older…. A Cut in the Rates is a jet-black rollercoaster of intrigue with a wicked twist in the tale…. Bruised egos and broke, two forgotten rock stars try to record the album that makes sense of their lives. This hilarious, poignant two-man show is full of laughter, tragedy and the anarchic hope that rock and roll should never die….

This musical within a comedy is dazzling, glamorous and hilarious with all the razzamatazz of the roaring 20s…. Served with a smile and a sprinkling of humour, Suzanne brings you a portion of poetry to tickle the taste buds. A scholar and an amnesiac find themselves on the shore of the river Styx.

See a Problem?

The play follows their bizarre attempts at crossing the river and the unlikely friendship that springs from it…. Ever been called a bitch? Want to escape reality? Welcome to the Bitch Ball.

Interview with Young Adult Author Kailin Gow: 'Rise of the Fire Tamer'

Join drag artist Crystal Bollix and their ever-suffering pianist as they try to discover their bitch realness in a wildly entertaining fusion of lip-sync, dance, and a lot of audience interaction…. Our show tells the story of two women. From Tinder to Twitter and from selfies to dick pics, Rose is thrust into 21st-century dating and has no idea what to do….

The Pope makes legal history having his predecessor exhumed and put on trial. The charges seem petty but powerful forces are demanding this act of political theatre.

They freeze, look at the case, then each other… A mysterious suitcase, potentially belonging to men who would stop at nothing to get it back, has fallen at the feet of Lance and Eric…. We tell the story of a chance meeting on a train between a wealthy young graduate and a homeless northerner, and how this dramatic mirror casts light on the inequality of our society…. We meet Lily in a therapists office in Manhattan.

We learn about her dysfunctional family, and how she ended up with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Experience raw emotion, frank explanations and lots of laughs…. This new comedy gives the audience a fly-on-the-wall view of how messy putting on a student Fringe play can be. The s. Die or Run is about society and politics, self-help and anxiety, big hair and 80s disco, and looks at how our mental health has been influenced by political ideology…. In a desperate last-ditch attempt to save their underfunded and dwindling church, two priests come to the conclusion that the best way they can raise funds is by selling the one resource they are in abundance of: bodies from the church graveyard….

Confessions of an Aca-Fan

Fraser Gibson spends his time shamelessly promoting himself about town as a way to make a living. Drawing on his minor in Sociology and major in student debt, the debut show Self-ish is an attempt to dissolve his own self by making light of the absurdity of first world problems and the silly things we all do in modern life…. Tired of the lack of progress in gender equality, Sal and Libby decide to take things into their own hands in the only sensible way they can think of: by starting a terrorist organisation…. Chris Cross — The tricky Geordie cheekster returns for his 14th consecutive Fringe, with his unique madcap style of multi award-winning comedy magic, escapology and cunning stunt….

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Spin that wheel! Join us for an evening of totally improvised musical comedy where you create the show. We take your suggestions for a location, title and song that must appear in our musical and write them up onto our spinning wheel of improv! Give us your craziest, wackiest and most outrageous suggestions and let the spin decide our fates! A classroom comedy. With more teachers leaving the profession than ever before and the Minster for Education denying any responsibility. We take a delve into what life is like as a teacher in …. Ellie is living on her own in London, away from Mum in Leeds for the very first time.

Amber Topaz, the inaugural Miss Burlesque UK, brings Edinburgh Fringe a burlesqueless theatrical cabaret experience that is personal, informative, and inclusive. This minute adaptation of Hamlet is one for Shakespeare lovers with short attention spans. A riotous romp through the history of the female body, the patriarchy and the bad science behind the titular gender myth.

Howling Giant Archives - The Obelisk

Two young women from different sides of Dublin city attending the same festival meet in the girls' toilets always the best place to make new friends and strike up a connectio…. Chris Read is a talented singer-songwriter performing his debut solo hour at the Fringe this year. Stage mist and ethereal warfare sounds are the backdrop to this wonderful hour of bloodthirsty battle and adventure, with a cast of thousands resonating through the medium of Lewis….

Bold, irreverent, moving and hysterical. A celebration of feminist theatre in all its forms that sticks two fingers up to the patriarchy and jumps all over the dull and uninspired. FemFringe returns to Edinburgh after a sell-out Vaults run….