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  1. "Revenge of the Flinker" - female/female facesitting extract
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The Yiddish Theater. All about Jewish Theatre. The Musicians.

The Lexicon. The Holy Books. The "Sidur" Prayer Book from Jozefow The Artists. The Artists from Plock. The Films. The Fighters. The Heroes of Plock. Babi Yar: The Revolt. Auschwitz: The Resistance Movement. The Doctors. The Martyrdom of Jewish Physicians in Poland. The Testimony of Dr. Mark Balin. Hitachdut Yotzei Polin - Association. Yiddish Music.

Benny Hershkovitz's Forum in "Tapuz". New Museum. Michael H.

"Revenge of the Flinker" - female/female facesitting extract

The Pioneers, Dreamers of Zion. And More Internet Links. The snow continues falling over the ruins of Poland the golden head of my beloved in front of my aching eyes. Pain is sitting at the desk and writes the longest letter. The deep tears in her eyes are very true. A large bird of mourning flies above the ruins carries in her wings the song of grief over the ruins of Poland. Drzewo Genealogicczne B Szem Tow. Introduction by Dr. Log in. Remember password.

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Especially as delivered by women. Daniel T. Kaye2 Biol. Please stay on the line. A customer service representative will be with you shortly. Your call is important. Special thanks to: Oscar Act But what if regulating it would accidentally do more harm than good?

Web articles: 1. General and Theoretical

We talk to Parker Higgins, and speculate about a future beset by copyright robots. In this Rumination, I talk for a few minutes about what I want to try to do with Reasonably Sound, and why I think sound is interesting and important. It's the end of , so we'll do the thing one tends to do around this time of year: look back. In this episode, a few bits of audio revelry from the End of episode return, you can get some insight into what kinds of things I was trying to make for Reasonably Sound when Reasonably Sound wasn't allowed to make anything, and I share some st This episode contains offensive language.

Mike tackles several sonic phenomena and how they will function during your Turkey Day soiree. And how you can use their existence as fodder for conversations with your Uncle Alvin when you run out of weather to discuss. Mike explores the anatomy of chiptunes so There are lots of sound puns that are sure to resonate HA!

There are lots of sound puns that are sure t But the copyright clampdown might be loosening in light of dramatic n At the beach.

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Where he considers why the point of the beach isn't really the beach, but instead the strange draw of waves, water and the ocean. The ocean as Muzak. As white noise. As a tempering force for the other parts of our lives.