Manual Power and Change in Central Asia (Politics in Asia)

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The Changing Geopolitics of Central Asia and Turkey’s Position
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This problem puts a lot of pressure on fishermen in the region, leaving them without their livelihood and local populations without the previously stable supply of fish. Enjoying this article? Click here to subscribe for full access. Second, the increase in temperature is causing the faster melting of Central Asian glaciers. For example, Tajikistan has 8, glaciers, around 20 percent of which have already retreated, with up to 30 percent at risk of disappearing by Disappearing glaciers will ultimately significantly decrease the water supply in the region.

As such, the availability of water in the Amu Darya, one of the two main rivers in the region, is expected to decrease by 40 percent.


In the meantime, melting glaciers cause floating ice masses to block water flows. In other instances, a short-term increase in water supply due to melting results in rivers overflowing their banks. In , floods took place all over Tajikistan, not only damaging crops but also destroying houses.

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Eighty percent of the Pamir population was left without electricity and food due to floods. Similarly, mudslides damaged more than 1, houses in the south of Tajikistan that year. People were left at the mercy of Moscow: the Russian Air Force delivered more than 4 tons of humanitarian aid in response to the floods. Agriculture is one of the most important components of the Tajik, Kyrgyz, and Uzbek economies.

It accounts for more than 25 percent of their economies, and an even higher share of employment 60 percent in the case of Tajikistan. In the meantime, the failure of national governments to compensate people for their losses and to develop effective responses to natural disasters has resulted in increased labor migration. Should nothing change, this trend is only likely to accelerate.

Being far away from their communities and families, labor migrants from Central Asia become an easy target for recruitment. Second, water has always been a contentious issue in Central Asia, particularly between Dushanbe and Tashkent. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev improved bilateral relations with Tajikistan early in his tenure, making a historic visit to Dushanbe in March He claimed that Tajikistan and Uzbekistan had no unresolved issues anymore. Cotton is a very water-intensive crop. The Kremlin is touting grain exports as a path for the country to regain superpower status.

A close Russia breaks its social contract. Russia: The increasing power of Dmitry Medvedev. Vostok Russia's agribusiness. Russia's agribusiness and climate. Russia's power play Constrained by internal rivalries, a weak economy and more powerful neighbors, Russia has discovered cheap but effective techniques to protect its interests and remain a global player. Regular price: Insights delivered. A weekly summary, plus unique comments from Prince Michael of Liechtenstein.

Recent topics, shifts and disruptions. While attempts are being made to move away from fossil fuels for energy production, the transition is not happening as The Trump administration accelerated this process, In the second half of the 20th century, globalization brought a boom in international trade. The rapid change that came In quick succession, the debt crisis, the Ukraine crisis and A trend toward increased government influence in economies and personal life is curbing growth, and freedom, in many Western countries.

Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh Press.

In contemporary Central Asia, the development of tradition as an analytical concept has gone hand in hand with the concept of capitalist modernity, just as it served a socialist cause in the preceding decades. The Invention of Tradition.

Morgan Lectures Series. Chicago : Aldine. In studying these developments of the last 30 years, scholars have devoted particular attention to elites and intellectuals whose role it had been to codify the kind of tradition that should from now on represent and embody the nation. By now, we have not only numerous academic publications on these dynamics e. Roy Roy, O. London : I. World Bank Discussion Paper No Washington, DC.

Oxford : IOS Press. Commemoration of Chinggis Khan in Modern Mongolia. Durham , N. Intellectuals have engaged in what Hutchinson Hutchinson, J. Rukhnama: Reflections on the Spiritual Values of the Turkmen. Ashgabat : State Publishing Service Turkmenistan. Epicenter of Peace. Hollis , NH : Puritan Press.

The Kazakhstan Way. London : Stacey International. Original in English.

The IMF and Monetary Reform in Central Asia

High Morality. An Invincible Force. Morality, Criminalityand Dissident Politics in Uzbekistan. Performing Politics , edited by M.

Central Asia's Economic Picture

Reeves , J. Beyer , - Kitobi Iakum, Az Orien to Somonien. Dushanbe : Irfon. Globalization: The Key Concepts. Berg : Oxford and New York. McGuire McGuire, G. Memory and Commemoration in Central Asia. IIAS Newsletter View all notes.

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The Currency of Power

And while Marshall Sahlins Sahlins, M. London : Routledge. This is what, according to Ranger Ranger, T. Briggs Briggs, C. He emphasizes the need not only to understand the context in which discursive authority — that is, authority over the interpretation of tradition — is constructed, but also to acknowledge that what has often been characterized as fictitious has become part of the lived experience of the people with whom we work. How do actors make claims to represent cultural constructions, and which of these claims become successful and which do not?

John and Jean Comaroff demonstrated in Ethnicity, Inc. Ethnicity, Inc. Chicaco : University of Chicago Press. And, in the upshot, its products and practices, rendered as intellectual property, may be more or less directed at the market. But, invariably, the process also has an impact on everyday conduct: on those less-objectified, unremarked upon ways of doing things. The empirical data provided in all of the contributions suggest that there is in each site at the very least a stable working definition of what tradition is, and — as stated above — the debates over its extent and its qualities are an inevitable part of the phenomenon.

According to Mould Mould, T. In doing so, new practices and goods can become integrated into this domain as they are debated over and receive approval or, in some cases, are simply accepted without being questioned or challenged.

Democracy and Dictatorship in Central Asia - Political Science - Oxford Bibliographies

Tradition, in the words of Glassie Glassie, H. This finding is in line with how, for example, the entry for the Kyrgyz term salt in the Kyrgyz ethnographic dictionary is composed: it specifies the term by referring to other terms with similar meanings. Bishkek : Biiktik. Beyer Beyer, J.