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Welches sind die Bedingungen? Wie kann das Neue Bewusstsein zu einem entscheidenden, transformierenden Faktor in der Welt werden? It is a crossroad and in the crossroad situation we always face great and powerful impulses for progress.

About the Mirapuri World Literature Fest Authors:

It is an inrush of the new into our present scheme of awareness and frame of consciousness…" - Michel Montecrossa in his 'Happy Future and Climate Change' speech. Michel Montecrossa says in his opening statement: "The future is made by the young and those who are young at heart. And that is why the future is young. I take you now on a trail of thoughts that move in the words, thoughts that move on into poetry, into songs, into tunes.

What I present to you is therefore a poetry-song-speech. We start with our trail of thoughts. Thoughts that lead us into a young world, that encourage us to be young at heart. The future world and climate change will go together if we are always young at heart because then we can look forward into this young future, because then we are no longer limited to the old past which gets older every day and ever more. Let's turn to the young future, this future which is made by the young.

And then we will see that the future is full of life, full of hope, full of possibilities. The future world must be governed by the young and that is what I want to tell you: never grow old, always stay young, stay young at heart. It is this young future I'm singin' about, I'm talkin' about and in my lyrics I continue this trail of thoughts and in my tunes I give them the image of sound: the image, the thought, the poem of a young future.

Michel Montecrossa's songs are a bold and encouraging expression of finding the deeper answers to the questions of humanity in a rapidly changing world.

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Michel Montecrossa says: "My songs are topical songs that want to stimulate your emotions and outlook on things. They take a stand for clear-sighted, positive action. They are songs for the living celebration of humanity. The New-Topical-Songs are songs for the people and a world where we all vote, eat, work, talk, plan, think and love together so that your people will know my people and we don't lose the peace and the world along with it.

Michel Montecrossa is an attentive observer of reality and misses no opportunity to let his songs voice the painful problems that disturb the well-being of our planet. It is presenting a new level of my ongoing creation of Fullstream Cinema-Art. In a world that became one global mega city system, Starlight and Earthpower embody the unexpected and unforeseen that change everything.

Into the holocaust of unending wars fought by an abysmal society, split between gangstas and rockers and led by a central processor regent CPR , they bring the victory of humanity. An epic movie of music, love and passion for freedom. A celebration of deep-brain lovemakin', a grail of demechanization, a revelation of soul and body overcoming terror and impotence.

A surreal and ultimately real world where death-fear and libido change into love and life. Michel Montecrossa is cyberrocker-astronaut Starlight. Mirakali is Earthpower.

Power of Cinema. Power of Music. Power of Consciousness.

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Boschki

Michel Montecrossa says: "A song can be the conscience of the world. It can be the voice that rights what went wrong. Such a song is a true topical song. It is a song stirring emotions. It is the song remembered by generations. It is the song telling the story that moves others to think. Such a song comes from the future and is as old as man's time on earth. It is a broadside from the depth of a voice stirred by love, going beyond all anger, sorrow, disgust and contempt. It is the song open to the vision that replaces law by freedom.

Love is the answer. This book shows the answer through images and lyrics of Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali. They are two of the most outstanding musician-poets of the 21st century. The love they live is as real as their work — and both they share with humanity. From the book go to their music, with the music go to the heart of things and feel the power of uplifting courage that knows how to do: Love is the answer.

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Es war das Jahr , wenige Monate bevor ich zur Mutter gefahren bin, und wenige Monate nachdem sich die lebendige Gegenwart von Sri Aurobindo in einem seiner Bilder gezeigt hatte. The challenging questions of our future on a planet with dwindling resources, energy-wars and irreversible global warming are highlighted on straightforward and inspiring genius-songs.

Sternschnuppe entstand als Serie von - Sternschnuppe ist gemalte Musik. Sternschnuppe ist Poesie der Sinne auf dem Weg der Erfahrung. Hardcover, English language. In the mystic moonlight shines the enchanting face of the eternal woman. The moon is her guard, is the symbol that veils as much as it reveals. The feminine image like the moon mirrors the truth of light into the night of human chaos.

Feil Gotz Elvira Rohm Eberhard

Es ist nicht nur eine gesprochene Sprache, sondern eine gelebte und erlebte Sprache. Aus unserem Selbst die Liebe zu leben und die Liebe zu erleben, ist die Ausdrucksweise des inneren Orakels. Es ist ein Weg, da wir nicht nur seelisches Wesen sind, sondern uns auch auf dem Weg nach Hause befinden. Kurz gesagt, ist dies der Sinn von Mirapuri: Das Zuhause zu finden, zu verstehen, wie dieses Zuhause ist und dieses Zuhause bauen. Futuristic Cyberrock and futuristic Cybersymphony. Researching Religious Education. Classroom Processes and Outcomes ed. Zukunft des Gottesglaubens. Unterbrechungen — Transformationen — Wandlungen zus.

Werte — Religion — Glaubenskommunikation. Eine Evaluationsstudie am Beispiel der Erstkommunionkatechese. Ergebnisse einer bundesweiten empirischen Studie zus. Herausgaben wissenschaftlicher Buchreihen. Forum Juden und Christen seit hg. Culture of Remembrance hg. Researching the effects of First Communion Preparation.

Empirical results of a national survey on religious education in Christian parishes in the perspective of religious identity formation zus. Religionsunterricht an Berufsbildenden Schulen. Zeit der Entwurzelten. Resaerching Religious Education. Konfessionell — kooperativ — kontextuell, Freiburg, Herder , S. Subjekt - Subjektorientierung. Zeit-Raum mit Gott.

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The Russian Church once again expresses her support for the suffering Egyptian brothers in Christ, calling them to preserve the spirit of peace, to defy provocations, to be faithful to our Saviour in their suffering. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Patriarch of the Throne of St. Mark in All Africa and the Middle East. It has deeply grieved me to learn about the new attacks against Christians in Egypt and the bloody clashes in Cairo which have left several scores of people dead and over three hundred of people injured.

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The Russian Orthodox Church knows not from hearsay what discrimination and persecution of believers are. The carcases of defiled churches still remaining in our land remind us to this day of the terrible years of persecution. That is why we feel so strongly for the suffering of our brothers in faith in Egypt.

At an hour of trial, we turn to Almighty God with prayer asking Him to reinforce the spiritual resources of Egyptian Christians in their efforts to stand for their faith and to preserve their Christian identity. We have repeatedly called upon all the major world powers and religious leaders to condemn the persecution of Christians and called the Egyptian authorities to do all that is necessary to ensure real freedom of religion and security for all citizens regardless of their religious or ethnic background.

I pray for the repose of those who died and for a speedy recovery of those who were injured. May the All-Merciful Lard give peace and prosperity to the old Egyptian land, to all its people and to the flock of the Coptic Church. Es werde durch all dies versucht, "die Christen zu vertreiben", brachte Estaphanos die Situation auf den Punkt.

Hoffnungslos sei die Situation jedoch nicht. Es gebe Lichtblicke und Grund zur Hoffnung. Naguib verwies auf die Jugend, die der "Revolution" den Atem gegeben habe, mit dem Ziel, dem Land eine demokratische Zivilgesellschaft zu geben. Naguib nahm auf Einladung von "Kirche in Not" am 5. Aktuell gebe es zahlreiche Diskriminierungen, betonte er: So sei es einer Muslima verboten, einen Christen zu heiraten. Knapp Am Freitag war in 20 Moscheen in der Region gegen den Wiederaufbau der Georgskirche und gegen die Kopten im Allgemeinen gepredigt worden.