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West would have to win the first round with the ace or king and you could then cover his return, leaving dummy with a certain stopper. So, you should make an avoidance play in clubs to keep the dangerous West hand off lead. If East wins with an originally doubleton queen, he cannot break the contract. Advanced Art. Bidding Art. Bridge Hands Art. Declarer Play Art.

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Defense Art. Hand Evaluation Art. Bidding V. Declarer Play V. Interview V. Quiz V. Reports V. Thursday, November 21, Send me a message! WBFYouth Instagram. Youth World Bridge. England: Letter There Be Love.

Eddie Kantar's bridge tips - playing

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All Facebook Albums. Home Articles Art. Load more. Follow us on Instagram wbfyouth. Turkey: Another Wednesday evening at Kaom 20th November This is followed up with heaps of practical examples, problems for you to solve and deals that arose in major competitions, when the very best players did not always find the right answer. Most importantly, the solutions include the logic behind the right play, the clues to locate the missing cards and ideas on how to induce opposition error when you have no legitimate chance for success. In this book, Ron Klinger shows you how to come out on top more often.

Where you might have felt reluctance when playing no-trumps, you will emerge with a new sense of confidence. No-trumps will no longer hold any fears for you. Ron Klinger is not only an international player, a winner of many prestigious Bridge championships and a well-known leading bridge journalist.

Bridge - Counting Losers in a Trump game

He brings to his books the sharpness of a trained legal mind, together with the authority of a Grand Master and the understanding of a top teacher. Now, after realizing how many tricks you need, which is really the first step, you must add up your sure tricks. So let's do that.

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  • You have two in spades, four in diamonds, and three in clubs. A total of nine. Notice that you did not count even one sure trick in hearts, simply because you cannot take a trick in that suit until you drive out the ace.

    Glossary of contract bridge terms

    Well, you have nine sure tricks and you must establish at least three more tricks in hearts to make your contract. That's easy enough. You simply win the spade with your king and lead a heart. Let's assume that the opponents take it with their ace.

    Your sure trick count has just changed. You now have twelve sure tricks instead of nine, because you can add those extra three heart tricks to your total once the ace has been removed.

    What Do You Need to Play Bridge?

    Now for the most important point in the whole lesson. When playing a bridge hand that does not have enough sure tricks, you must establish extra tricks. Establishing extra tricks should be the first thing you do. You establish the extra tricks you need before you take your sure tricks. Then, when you have established enough tricks to make your contract, you take all of your tricks at once. Rules are not much good unless you know their reasons.

    So we are going to go back to our six notrump contract. For the first time we are going to look at all four hands. For the time being don't worry about why West led the queen of spades.

    Contract bridge->Declarer play: Books

    Presently you are worried about taking twelve tricks. Notice that after you take the first trick with the king of spades, you still have control that is, you can take the next trick in all suits except hearts, where you will soon be establishing your tricks. What if you were to take your club tricks before knocking out the ace of hearts?

    Watch closely what would happen so that you never make this error--in fact, this is the most common error beginners make--of taking sure tricks too quickly. If you were to take your three club tricks before playing hearts, West would still have the jack of clubs. It would be the only club left. Then, when you led a heart, West would take it with his ace and then would be able to take the next trick with his jack of clubs because you had surrendered control of the club suit by taking your sure tricks too quickly. The same thing would happen in diamonds.

    If, after winning the first trick with the king of spades, you were to take four tricks in diamonds, West would still have one diamond. Then, when you played a heart, West would take that trick with the ace of hearts and the next trick with the ten of diamonds. In neither case would you make your contract, because you would have lost two tricks, while you can afford to lose only one in a contract of six.

    Therefore, it is important that you see that by taking your sure tricks too quickly, you give up control in the suit, and--even worse--you establish tricks for your opponents. Now you are going to practice counting your sure tricks, seeing if you have tricks that can be established and, if so, how many , and, finally, determining which suit you should play first. In each exercise: How many sure tricks do you count? How many more can you establish?

    Which suit should you play first? Which card should you play in that suit? Solutions a You have seven sure tricks and you can establish three more in spades. You should play spades first after taking the first trick with the king of hearts and you should lead the jack. If it takes the trick, you continue with spades until one of your opponents plays the ace. You will eventually wind up with ten tricks. Once you have driven out the ace of spades, you will have established enough tricks to make your contract. Then you can take all of your tricks at once.

    Therefore, you should play hearts first. After taking the first trick in your hand high card from the short side , you can begin by playing any heart For concealment, declarer usually plays his highest equal, or highest in a sequence, first. So you would first lead the queen of hearts. In this case you must give up the lead twice in hearts in order to establish two tricks of your own in the suit. Assume that the queen loses to the king or ace and that a spade is returned.

    You take this in the dummy and lead another heart, establishing your hearts before taking any of your sure tricks. Once you lose a trick to the high card, the rest of your cards in that suit will be good. Establish first and then take your sure tricks. On most hands you must give up the lead two or three times.