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If I delete a conversation, will it be deleted in the other persons messages?
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Want someone to pick up your laundry? Facebook will figure that out. But the reason this app causes so much discussion is its success in certain mature markets and, crucially, among certain key demographics. This is a key difference between cultures — Asian apps specialize in playing nicely as an ecosystem, and interact with each other on a deep level, but American ecosystems tend to be limited by comparison, preferring to own the end-to-end experience instead.

In the USA a taxi app or a restaurant app will have an embedded map, but in China the map has embedded restaurants and taxis — and lots of other things. The tide is changing, however, and Google is taking it to the next level with its fledgling new messaging service Allo, which lets you do all of the tasks described within a single messaging thread. Allo can tag in an Assistant at any time which is able to perform tasks like looking up dinner choices, then making a reservation at that location. One thing is clear: conversation is the key to reaching people. Because instead of needing to convince people to download and set-up yet another app, they can just add the bot and literally start doing things without any setup.

Right now everyone from Facebook to WeChat is still in the learning phase, particularly when it comes to e-commerce, but the opportunity is immense.

Given the choice between downloading an app to do a simple task, or just asking in a conversation, people will always choose the latter. One thing is clear: the popularity of messaging apps has already surpassed that of any other social media app , and the winners will be the ones that take the opportunity now with their audience, reducing the friction to getting what they need done.

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A friend of mine is playing the female part and we are just running through the story of the song. She is really cool, playing football and smoking like hell. OSR: What is the most exciting part of being a musician and what is the most challenging part?

Conversation is global: how different countries approach messaging

OSR: If you could trade lives for one day with any musician, who would you be and why? If yes, how? I still play some songs off it in concerts. That would be scary. OSR: If you could offer advice to musicians in Europe today, what would that be? Thanks so much to Andi for the interview!

Why Use Online Peer Support For Answers?

To engage with his music, check out his Spotify and Facebook accounts. Skip to content Interviews.

The Other Side of the Conversation Boxed Set (DVD + Guidebook)

July 15, July 15, Nicole Mendes. Image courtesy of Andi Fins. And because I had written it in another app on my phone, I happened to still have the original content, so I posted it again. He quickly untagged himself from it and deleted me as a Facebook friend, all as I expected.

But then he went and reported it to Facebook as a purported content violation, which I learned late in the day when Facebook informed me of the report and that they had removed it as spam.

Praise — Hi From The Other Side

We tried to explain things to him. This is all uncomfortable.

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But rather than engaging, trying to push back on these assertions, he goes out of his way to simply shut it all down. And here is what I posted on my Facebook wall, including the comment that this poor guy felt so bullied by:.

George Michael chatting from other side of steps Earls Court

In a week, this administration has set this country on a path which does not necessarily impact you or I directly.