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They seem like a pair of medieval knights about to battle to the death. Yet, with nothing more than a rapid dance-like series of moves, it is as if they establish their ranks, their affiliations, their strengths and weaknesses — and suddenly, without coming to blows at all, the eerie contest is concluded and the devil dancers part, each to its own trunk. Equally as quickly, each returns to using its beak for its main purpose of food gathering. Living trees quake beneath that powerful beak. I can think of it only as the very hammer of death.

Sturdy blows driven from the specially strengthened head force the chisel-like instrument deep into the living wood, wounding the tree to the quick and exposing it to the elements. Unmerciful wood mason, the woodpecker pierces deep into the heartwood. Does it know that it is creating future dead timber, future access to its own prey?

Beware the Devil's Hug

That murderous beak wreaks even greater havoc on already-dead trees. Like a ham-fisted carpenter armed with mallet and chisel, the woodpecker splinters off wedges and chunks of dry wood.

Beware the Devil's Hug

Wood dust and debris are cast out in all directions as it excavates, raining rapid blows of its beak against the wood. Then it pauses, cocks its head and listens, waiting for the subtle scratching movements of deeply hidden beetle larvae alarmed by the vibrations of the blows. It works at the bole until a deep hole is excavated, then — extruding its long, hard-tipped tongue into a narrow crevice, it traps its prey and swiftly withdraws it.

The woodpecker will then lean ever further into the cavity, driving its beak home with tree-shaking blows and sending out a rain of debris that carpets the ground as it searches for yet more prey.

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When it finally moves on, I find I can sink my extended hand deep into the resulting hole. Poul Anderson.

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On an isolated island, seven people with a desperate need for money play a game conceived by an intelligence of perfect evil. The rules are simple: each player will perform an act: each of the others must duplicate it, or be eliminated. All that the players have in common is their desperation. One is a mercenary soldier with a taste for proving his manhood through self-torture. Another is a porno-starlet.

TOKYO (8 p.m.)

The scene where kids play online Slenderman games with a mix of terror and infatuation is powerful proof of how the internet really is a new world, a new language, a new religion. Anissa and Morgan were charged with attempted first-degree murder and each face up to 65 years in prison. Beware the Slenderman ends as soon as the judge determines that both girls will be tried as adults.

The film does fine work digging into the Slenderman stabbing through technology, psychology and girlhood friendships, but its most powerful feat is humanizing Anissa and Morgan's parents.

Beware of black sheep and the devil.

The Leutners declined to participate. In the Geysers and Weiers, we find parents unraveling because of a nightmare they never saw coming. With exhausted, stunned looks almost permanently glued to their faces, they lament the signs they missed and yearn for explanations. Get out of there!

Save yourself! Anissa's mother, Kristi, remembers how much time her daughter spent alone in her bedroom, attached to her iPad. I got the right answer," Anissa commented on one of them. Anissa's father, Bill, says he kept a close watch over her computer use. I had no inklings that I would need to research this further.

Products | Beware | Jersey Devil Couture

I guess I just need to get over my own reservations about it. If I had my way, he wouldn't have one.


The Geysers and Weiers faced another hurdle in their recovery: making sense of the psychiatric diagnoses that came out during the trial—Anissa has schizotypy, a disorder that makes it hard for her to determine what's real, and Morgan is schizophrenic. Turns out Morgan's father, Matt, has schizophrenia too.

Right now. I always wanted to know if she sees that stuff too.

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Sometimes you know it's not real, but it still smells and tastes and looks real, so, it's real. The diagnoses help explain some of the damning details that emerged in court, like Morgan boasting about having Vulcan mind control, as well as an ability to see unicorns and Snape, a wizard from the Harry Potter books. In her bedroom, police found Barbies with the arms and feet chopped off, and drawings of Slenderman with phrases like, "I want to die! Angie hopes Morgan will be sent to a mental health facility, where she can get help, rather than prison.

That first year, Angie had this solace that her daughter was still surrounded by [imaginary] friends, even though she was alone in a room.